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Amable Q10 Moisturizing and Firming Mask 5pcs/box
√The skin can be absorbed quickly to maintain a high water content, making the skin light and easy to apply makeup.
√Suitable skin type: All skin types

【Main ingredients】
Q10 (moisturizing and firming)
- Coenzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid, collagen protein, rose oil, cactus, witch hazel, ginkgo, seaweed, glycerin
- Witch hazel extract, strengthen moisturizing, eliminate dirt and pollution
- Coenzyme Q10 anti-aging and wrinkle removal, making the skin more elastic

【Top quality down】
- Ultra-thin, zero-touch feeling → excellent ductility and fine, can completely cover the skin, comfortable and close fit.
- Good permeability → strong water absorption, high water locking power, fully adsorbed serum, moisturizing essence released quickly, super transparent and moisturizing effect immediately.
- Beauty and elegance → Excellent fibers fit tightly, so you can move freely when you put it on, and the film is close to transparent, beautiful and convenient.

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Amable 【Q10 Firming and Contouring Mask】

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