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The one and only after-makeup capsule on the market 
that is designed for after-makeup effects
It provides instant whitening and brightening, 
and creates a perfect, long-lasting, and superbly smooth makeup.
Hydrates, locks in moisture and nourishes the skin
Small molecules powerfully smoothen fine lines
Non-sticky silk texture

●Dull unevenness -Polish and shine
●Makeup base -brighten up
●Rejuvenates aging skin
●Fine lines and pores - smoothed out

Pearl extract, rose powder, and precious ginkgo and jade bamboos, rich in a variety of vitamins and trace elements, effectively inhibit melanin deposition, fade spots, make the skin more firm and tender white.

【How&When to use】
1. After washing your face and putting on toner, serum and cream
2. Apply the 【Mystery Capsule】(like a makeup prep)
-Like light makeup: just put on a layer of cream and you can go out beautifully
-Like delicate beauty makeup: apply foundation again, immediately feel the makeup feel and long-lasting, all day without makeup off!

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