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2♡22 Blue Bottle Combo Special

♡ Bella Donovan Coffee Beans (200g) x 1
♡Single Origin Coffee Beans (200g) x 1
♡Blue Bottle Coffee Cup x 1
♡Blue Bottle Eco Bag x 1
*"Single Origin Coffee" will send you the recommended coffee beans for each season


<Belladonnawan coffee beans:
Elegant richness and red fruit flavors that are well balanced. One of our most popular drip coffees.
Flavors: raspberry, chocolate, molasses.
Content: 200g

< Single origin coffee bean:
We will send you the best single origin coffees for each season
Content: 200g
Instructions for use: Coffee beans are sold as beans.
Once opened, please keep them in an airtight container and use them as soon as possible.

<Blue Bottle Coffee Cup:
The most classic blue bottle coffee cup, 
after the first store in Japan, Kiyosumi Shirakawa
Named "Seizumi", the coffee cup designed in Japan
Simple and refined to add a touch of color to your coffee time at home.
Size: (approx.) 90 (diameter) x 75 (height) x 120mm (width)
Capacity: 340ml
Material: Porcelain Place of origin: Gifu (Tajimi)
Microwave oven ○ Dishwasher ○ Oven ×

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2♡22 Blue Bottle Combo Special

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