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【Yoshikazu HATANAKA|Nourishing Konjac Sponge】
A classic handcrafted product that has been passed down in Japan for 135 years, insisting on pure natural and handmade production.

【Product specifications】
Material: Natural plant fiber
Place of manufacture: Japan
Size: approx. 6*6cm
Product Features

? Purely natural, handmade.
? 100% pure plant, no chemical additives.
? Non-selective, effective for dry, grainy skin, baby, sensitive skin, post-laser skin, mature skin can be used.
? Effectively removes dead skin cells and unclogs pores.
?It also helps to moisturize and enhance the absorption of skin care products.

【How to use】
1. Soften Konjac in warm water (about 35°C).
2. Add to face wash or facial soap and rub gently to create lather, then massage as you wash your skin.
3. After use, squeeze the water out of the konjac, put it in a bag or container, and put it in the refrigerator or a ventilated place to dry.

⚠️If you will not use it for more than 3 days, please store it in the refrigerator.
⚠️ Please do not hang the Konjac sponge directly after use, as there is no added strong agent in the product and the moisture accumulated in the bottom of the Konjac sponge may cause breakage.
⚠️ Konjac sponges are handmade and should be stored according to official instructions. Each sponge can be used for about 30-45 days. Due to the different usage habits and living environment of individuals, mold and damage are normal phenomena that may occur in natural products, and the actual usage time will increase or decrease.
⚠️ If the surface of unpacked Konjac products is no longer smooth or if you feel that the fibers are rough, you can replace them.
⚠️ Unopened Konjac products can be stored in a dark place for up to 5 years as they are thoroughly dried.

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Yoshikazu HATANAKA|Nourishing Konjac Sponge

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