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【Fuglen coffee beans 】 
"The New York Times voted - the world's best coffee" 
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◉【NEW】REFISA ESPRESSO / Ethiopia (Certified Organic) 200g/ $959
◉ DANCHE ETHIOPIA / Ethiopia (Certified Organic) 200g/ $1048
◉ AB GONDO / KENYA 200g/ $1048
◉ BULAMBULI / Ugandan 200g/ $959
◉ CABALLERO / Honduran 200g/ $1048
◉ CAPADOCIA Espresso / Brazil 200g/ $959

【Flavor & Origin】 ◉
◉ [NEW] REFISA ESPRESSO / Ethiopia (Certified Organic)
* Flavor: Nectarine, red grapefruit, dark chocolate.
Rich fruit flavors such as nectarine and red grapefruit, with a long finish like dark chocolate.
*Country: Ethiopia
*Production area: West Arsi  
*Village: Refisa
*Washing station: Refisa
*Certification: Organic 
*Producer : 648 members
*Variety :Welisho, Kurume Refining
*Process :Washing
* Altitude :1800-1970 masl

◉ DANCHE ETHIOPIA / Ethiopia (Certified Organic) 
*Flavors : Red grape, kernel, black tea, jasmine tea.
Acidity like red grapes and nuts, black tea flavor, soft like jasmine tea,
*Workstation : Chelbesa
*Certified organic production area : Gedeo, Sidama
*Production area : Gedeb
*Village : Danche
*Country : Ethiopia
*Variety : Welisho, Dega
*Technology : Washing
* Altitude : 2100 masl

* Flavors : Blood orange, drupe, vanilla tea.  
The afterglow and flavor spreads like herbal tea.
*Production factory : Gondo factory
*Cooperative: New Kiriti Farmers Cooperative
*Producers: 727 small farmers
*Varieties: SL 28, K7, Ruiru 11, Batian
*Process: Fully Washed
* Altitude / altitude: 1900 ml masl

◉ BULAMBULI / Ugandan
*Flavor: apple, dried fruit, oolong tea, wine. 
Crunchy acidity like apples, sweetness like dried fruits.
Softness reminiscent of oolong tea and a light body with a tannic finish after red wine.
*Producer: Bulambuli 
*Production area: Mt.Elgon > Bulambuli
*Country: Uganda
*Variety: SL-28, SL-34, SL-14
*Technique : Washing
* Altitude : 1800-2300masl

◉ CABALLERO / Honduras
*Flavor : Orange peel, milk chocolate, apple, almond.
*Producer : Marysabel Caballero & Moises Herrera
* Region of production: Chinacla, La Paz, Marcala
*Country: Honduras
*Variety: Catuai
*Process : Washed
* Altitude : 1600masl

◉ CAPADOCIA Espresso / Brazil 
* Flavor : Nucleus, dark chocolate, cane sugar.
*Producer : Augusto Borges Ferreira 
*Farm : Capadocia production area
*Region :Sao Goncalo do Sapucai
*Country :Brazil
*Varieties : Catucai
*Craft : Nature 
* Altitude : 1300 masl

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Fuglen coffee bean

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