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Product name: Nano spray gun
Product Model:K5pro
Product size: 223*192*65mm
Water bottle capacity: 350ml
Battery capacity: 1200 mA
Rated power: 15W
Use time: 3 hours
Charging time: 2 hours
【reasons to choose us

◆Air pump spray
◆Large capacity
◆Fashionable appearance
◆Wireless disinfection
◆High efficiency sterilization
◆Range 2m

✅Large fog volume, fine atomization, long range
✅Extra-long spraying distance, no dead angle coverage
✅Large capacity, no need for frequent replacement
✅Dual-core processor, powerful performance, durable and stable
✅Lightweight design, easy to carry
✅Dual gear adjustment, flexible for different scenes
✅Single button operation, super easy to use
✅Fine gatekeeper, not afraid of clogging
✅Multi-functional use: mosquito repellent, disinfection and sterilization, dust reduction, humidification
✅Fast charging, safe and reliable
✅Diligent disinfection to avoid influenza or enterovirus infection and protect your family's health
 The body, charging hole is not waterproof, please do not wash or immerse in water
 Alcohol is flammable, please do not approach the fire source.
 This product is suitable for alcohol, please do not fill with paste, paste. Hand soap.
◆How to use◆
1. Make sure that the straw is connected and that there are no foreign objects stuck in the straw.
2. Do lock the bottle well, because the leakage will not suck the liquid in the bottle
3. Recommend the use of qualified hypochlorite water

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K5PRO Nano Blue Alcohol Spray Gun

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