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The strongest on earth!
The only disinfectant that can kill coronavirus
The only dry hand sanitizer with hand protection function

(bottle of $159 lowest price)

Hand sanitizer for use in the operating room
Effective against various "viruses"
Including coronavirus and rotavirus
#Imported from Germany
#The only one in Taiwan with a drug label from the Department of Health
#Medical grade dry hand sanitizer

If any of the following symptoms occur
Please stop using immediately
1. When accidentally touching your eyes, rinse with plenty of water immediately.
If irritation persists after several minutes of eye test.
2. When accidentally swallowed, only under the doctor's instructions to induce vomiting
# Universal prevention of disease
#Added hand care ingredients do not hurt the skin
#Hand Sanitizer & Disinfectant Lotion
#Dry Hand Wash
#Easy to use

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B.BRAUN Hand Sanitizer & Anti-Epidemic 100ml

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