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Introducing 7 new colors for iPhone cases
Lightweight, thin, and well-fitting 
iPhone case (Air Jacket)
◉Limited edition case for 
the 20th anniversary of the brand
"Air Jacket NANA COLOR"
◉Change your clothes according to your mood and outfit
Phone case is also a fashion accessory!

【Product Features】
◉ "Air Jacket NANA COLOR" using "Tritan Renew"
This is a "Tritan" recycled material used in air jackets
Environmentally friendly product 
made from 50% recycled material

◉ Ultra-thin about 1mm, the ultimate 
thinness without losing protection

◉ Comfortable as if the naked phone

◉ Simple, sophisticated design with 
excellent fit and maneuverability!

◉ Flexible and highly pliable material 
"Tritan" is used to improve impact resistance.
Easy to put on and take off as it 
won't break easily even when dropped.

◉ Completely non-toxic and safe
"Tritan" is a material used in BPA-free medical products.

Product Information
Air Jacket iPhone14 case (NANA COLOR)

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(Free Shipping) Please note the iPhone 14 series model

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