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★Winter Blend 200g
This year's "Winter Blend"
Natural process of Izobian coffee beans
Three different roasting levels (dark, medium and light) to create a wide range of flavors
Paired with Mexican coffee to create a full-bodied flavor
☕️ Flavors: dark chocolate, molasses, deep fruit 
☕️Body: full-bodied Acidity: soft and balanced

★Winter Espresso 200g
A coffee with depth and a light sweetness if dry
A blend of Colombian and Mexican coffee beans
Reminiscent of a rich, full-bodied dark chocolate drink 
Overall rich and fruity espresso aroma
Based on naturally processed Colombian coffee beans
Smooth, melt-in-your-mouth texture
and a rich, sweet, berry-like aroma
☕️ Flavors: dark chocolate, dried raspberries, salted toffee
☕️Acidity: low

★Outdoor Blend 200g
Make a coffee that makes the outdoor coffee experience even more special
Outdoor Blend was born out of this desire
Lightly roasted Colombian coffee with
Colombian coffee beans a balanced blend
Bringing out the depth and richness of caramel-like sweetness
When first brewed, you can feel the caramel and cocoa flavors
As the temperature drops, it becomes bright and luscious
The mouthfeel also becomes more complex
☕️ Flavors: milk chocolate, candied peach, toasted marshmallow
☕️Acidity: medium
☕️Ingredients: Chia seeds, Colombian beans
Ingredients: Coffee beans Content: 200g
Shelf life: 90 days from the date of roasting
Storage: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity 

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Blue Bottle Coffee Winter Limited Coffee Beans

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