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Blue Bottle Coffee's original colors and design emerge
The brand colors are integrated into the everyday coffee scene.
The contrast between the matte texture of the surface and the luster of the interior
The bottle logo on the bottom of the mug is also a highlight when the mug is tilted
This mug is handcrafted piece by piece by Vietnamese artisans

Product Specifications
Size: about Φ83mm (spout) x H76mm W112mm (including handle)
Capacity: 320ml (when filled)
Weight: 190g
Material: stoneware *
Country of origin: Vietnam
Dishwasher / microwave: available

Material: Stoneware*
Known as "semi-ceramic" or "yakijime"
Is a kind of pottery fired at a high temperature of 1100-1250 ℃
It has the properties between earthenware and porcelain

Notes on use
- Microwave oven and dishwasher (dryer)
   Please use heat-resistant gloves as there is a risk of burns when removing from the microwave oven.
- Do not use this product on an open flame.
- Do not stack this product in the dishwasher, etc. as this may cause damage.
- Sudden temperature changes may cause damage. Do not heat the product in the microwave oven immediately after removing it from the refrigerator, and do not place it in the refrigerator immediately after heating it in the microwave oven.
- If cracks, crevices, chips, etc. are found, they may be damaged and should be discontinued.
- Wash with a soft sponge soaked in a neutral detergent. Do not use abrasive sponges, metal scrubbers, detergents, etc. as they may scratch and damage the product.
- Do not drag the product over glass stoves or soft material countertops, as this may scratch the surface.
- Do not leave oily substances on unglazed areas for long periods of time. It may cause stains.
- All products are handmade, so there may be slight individual variations in shape, size and color.
* If you are concerned about stains or stains caused by beverages, use dish bleach.

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Blue Bottle Coffee Stone Mug

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